Design with Televic Components in your

DSP Design

Televic Conference Solutions now compatible with any DSP AV design and control system! Televic advantages now can be integrated into any design to simplify wiring, provide increased sound distribution, compatible with any control systems and allow easy expansion with requested features and provide new meeting flexibility in any situation.


Video with Audio on one standard CAT5* Cable

All Audio and 6 HD Video Streams on one standard Cat5* cable. Expand project designs using the Televic Multimedia Plixus network with up to 6 HD JPEG 2000 video streams on one standard CAT5* Cable. Fully routable and selectable with less than 1 frame delay latency. 

Separate video systems with up to 4 PTZ Cameras with auto switching software is available. Unicos multimedia stations with built-in webcams provide an all-in-one solution.

(*Must be shielded CAT5 Cable)


Purpose Built Government Features with in your DSP design

Televic Conference is driven to help managed meetings with various microphone modes, electronic voting, speech timers, agenda management and microphone control. In room or remote participants, Televic systems are designed for these applications. Simplicity within your total design, Televic is purpose built for government applications.

(*Must be shielded CAT5 Cable)

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+32 51 30 30 45