Purpose built for Municipal Government applications.

Televic Discussion Microphones allow for safe, socially distant in-person meetings while connecting to any remote platform.  A high quality gooseneck microphone and built-in audio speaker working together at each station provides an optimal audio experience whether you're meeting in the room together, or in a hybrid situation.

Connecting Remotely with Televic

Televic discussion microphone systems are easily connected with computers via a standard USB audio interface.  Permanent or temporary systems, Televic systems will provide flexibility for years to come when you need it!

  • Simple connection to Teams, Zoom and other platforms
  • Wired or Wireless Televic System Compatibility 
  • Quick and easy set up

Get to know more about remote meetings with Televic. 


Purpose Built Features for Municipalities

Televic systems are designed for City, State and Municipalities.  All features are available as options that can be added when needed or as budgets dictate in the future.

  • Microphone with built-in audio speaker (wired or wireless)
  • Built-in audio recording (varies per system)
  • Electronic Voting
  • Electronic Nameplates
  • Direct, voice activated and request-to-speak modes
  • Compatible with all video streaming and recording solutions
  • Chairman/mayor controls, including next speaker and mic mute
  • Compatible with meeting management, voting and video control systems
  • Agenda & Document Management

Request to speak? 

Managing a meeting is now harder than ever and legacy systems with live microphones cannot provide choices.  Televic systems have a request to speak mode that can be engaged at anytime.  This will keep everyone on task and clean up the audio for the live stream and audio recordings.  Future support of remote participants is coming soon!

  • Limit number of microphones talking at one time
  • Chairman control of microphone request list order
  • Different color LED’s show who is speaking and who is waiting to speak

Our solutions enable efficient council meetings 

Discover our solution for integrating your council meeting equipment easily with tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  Get to know just some of our industry leading solutions, devices like our autonomous camera system (T-CAM), brand new wireless equipment, and cutting edge uniCOS Multi Media Station. 

New Wireless All-in-one speaker and microphone – G4

  • Scalable and portable for a variety of sized spaces
  • Easy integration with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Cisco, Google and Skype
  • Secure and reliable wireless technology
  • Electronic voting, speech timers, delegate names and so much more

T-Cam Automatic Camera System - TCam

  • Autonomous video tracking for streaming and recording devices
  • Compatible with any remote platform
  • Voting session detection example

UniCOS Table Top Unit

  • All in one unit – Microphone, Speaker, Video and Webcam
  • Mayor/Manager microphone control on screen
  • Vote electronically, view documents, manage agenda and more
  • Mix and match with any audio only stations, ie; Mayor, City Manager, Clerk

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